Villa in Hyderabad at 35 Lacs (construction cost in Hyderabad)

It’s not necessary that you need to construct a house for yourself but its good to have some idea. If you are planning to buy an apartment then probably you can start calculating the price of that apartment. Please see the following formula.

House Cost = Land cost + Land registration cost + Construction cost + Builder fees

In Hyderabad the registration cost is approximately 12% of the land cost. Again you don’t need to tell the price that you paid to the land owner but registration office will calculate as per their rate chart. You can avoid builder fees if you can invest your own time to track and manage the house constriction work. I hope most of us cannot do this and we need to pay 6% to 7% of the constriction cost to a builder who will do all the things for you. Generally a builder will quote a price of Rs.600/- to Rs.700/- per SFT as construction cost. You need to talk to the builder about your house specification also.

Land cost is very high in Hyderabad. If you go very far from the city then you may get a plot at the rate of Rs.7500/- per Sq Yrd. I will come up with the actual rate later. Say you found a plot at the rate of Rs.10000/- per Sq Yrd. So the land cost for a 200 Sq Yrd plot would be 20Lacs. Registration cost would be around 1.5Lacs. Construction cost for a deluxe house would be rs.650/- per SFT. So construction cost of a 2000 SFT house would be 13 Lacs. Builder fees would be 0.9 Lacs.

Now your dream house is ready and the price is 35.5 Lacs. Now you need to find a plot at a price of Rs.10000/- per Sq Yrd. I will come up with some more information on this but I feel in the area like Nizampet, Kukatpalli we can find a plot at this price.

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