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June 5th, 2008 by webhyd

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Hyderabad real-estate update, May 2007

May 21st, 2007 by webhyd

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Hyderabad real estate update – 2007: This article is for buyers who is planning to buy a house / apartment in Hyderabad city.

The situation has been changed. It’s a tough time for builders and the house owners who are planning to sale apartments. One or two years back people used to think that buying an apartment is a good investment because there were chances in price increase. Two years back the price was almost half of the current price. Now if you want to buy a three bed room apartment then the minimum price would be around 50 Lacs in the city. Your monthly EMI would be around Rs.50,000/- per month. So you must earn Rs.90,000/- (approximately) per month to buy an apartment. Though IT people earn a lot but how many people earn Rs.90,000/- per month? The number would be very less.

Now the USD price has gone down (around Rs.40/-). If NRIs try to transfer money to India then they would be loosing a lot.

Housing loan interest has increased to around 11% (floating option). So people don’t think that it’s a good time to buy an apartment.

For apartment the SFT price has already gone up (Rs.3,000/- to Rs.4,500/- in City) and chances of further increase in near future is less. Few days back I found one builders was offering discount price like Rs.2600/- to Rs.2700/- per SFT in Kondapur if you buy 4 to 5 apartments. So you need find 4 of your friends who are also interested in buying an apartment from the same builder. Now you can see price correction in Kondapur areas. For your information the price in Kondapur was Rs.3500/- per SFT.

You need to wait few more months to see price correction in large scale as some of the builders and house owners are not ready to accept the truth. You still find people are quoting a high price thinking that the situation hasn’t been changed. Let them complete their sleep because they are in their dreams.

I am not talking about villas because price would be very high and most of the people don’t afford the price. May be the numbers of villas available in the market is less but the number of buyers is also less as most of the people don’t afford the price and NRIs are thinking about USD exchange rate.

This is the best time to buy a plot. Yesterday I didn’t find even a single person showing interest to the marketing people from some ventures in Hitex exhibition centre. So if you are planning to invest in plot then probably you can get a good deal. Probably you can go for resale plot as resale price would be lesser than the builder price.

Do your own research. Don’t get carried away by any ones input. Also please share your thought by posting comments here.

From Ebay


Earn from the apartment that you are vacating

May 21st, 2007 by webhyd

In Hyderabad we don’t find many people interested in sharing the information that he/she is vacating his/her house. If you can share this information then you would be saving 15 days rent that you pay to a broker to find a house in the city.

When you leave your apartment then the first person who knows this information is you and then the house owner. Later the information spreads through house owner and watchman. Generally brokers keep contact with house owner and the watchman so that they get the information as early as possible. Brokers earn 15 days rent using this information.

Probably you can try finding out a tenant for the same house and earn 15 days rent. From moral side there is nothing wrong with this as you need to pay brokerage charge for the new apartment where you are moving. Thus you can earn money and pay the same as brokerage for your new house.

This is just an idea. These days there are so many web sites where you can put “Flat on rent” advertisement at free of cost. And it’s really very easy to find a person who would be interested in your apartment. Not sure whether this is legal or not but there are so many broker running their business with out registering the same.

If we can start doing this then gradually we can move towards House exchange. We all are smart and lets try something to save our money. If you feel that publishing this advertisement as a broker is not a good idea then probably we can publish an advertisement for House Exchange.

Paying guest facility in Hyderabad

May 21st, 2007 by webhyd

Generally students or professionals with low monthly income look for accommodation at a very minimal price. You can live in the city as a paying guest where you don’t need to spend Rs.10000/- for a rented house. In Ammerpet you will find lots of option where you can bargain for rates. Monthly rate depends on the number of people sharing a room. Generally if you share with another person (two persons in one room) then charges for you would be around Rs.4500/- in Ammerpet. Breakfast lunch and dinner are also included (I am not very sure about the quality). If you have more information on this then please post you comments to share the information with people.

Villa in Hyderabad at 35 Lacs (construction cost in Hyderabad)

May 17th, 2007 by webhyd

It’s not necessary that you need to construct a house for yourself but its good to have some idea. If you are planning to buy an apartment then probably you can start calculating the price of that apartment. Please see the following formula.

House Cost = Land cost + Land registration cost + Construction cost + Builder fees

In Hyderabad the registration cost is approximately 12% of the land cost. Again you don’t need to tell the price that you paid to the land owner but registration office will calculate as per their rate chart. You can avoid builder fees if you can invest your own time to track and manage the house constriction work. I hope most of us cannot do this and we need to pay 6% to 7% of the constriction cost to a builder who will do all the things for you. Generally a builder will quote a price of Rs.600/- to Rs.700/- per SFT as construction cost. You need to talk to the builder about your house specification also.

Land cost is very high in Hyderabad. If you go very far from the city then you may get a plot at the rate of Rs.7500/- per Sq Yrd. I will come up with the actual rate later. Say you found a plot at the rate of Rs.10000/- per Sq Yrd. So the land cost for a 200 Sq Yrd plot would be 20Lacs. Registration cost would be around 1.5Lacs. Construction cost for a deluxe house would be rs.650/- per SFT. So construction cost of a 2000 SFT house would be 13 Lacs. Builder fees would be 0.9 Lacs.

Now your dream house is ready and the price is 35.5 Lacs. Now you need to find a plot at a price of Rs.10000/- per Sq Yrd. I will come up with some more information on this but I feel in the area like Nizampet, Kukatpalli we can find a plot at this price.

Are you relocating to Hyderabad?

May 17th, 2007 by webhyd

Hyderabad commonly known as Cyberabad is famous for IT industry. These days lots of people are relocating to Hyderabad. Two years back the city was much cheaper as cost of living was not so high. Now the situation has changed a lot and we need to think about our expenses. The first thing you should keep in mind is the house rent. In last two year apartment rent has increasing a lot. Even today we find house owners are demanding 30% to 50% increase in rent. One of my friend was forced to vacate his house as he was paying Rs.7000/- per month and the house owner was expecting Rs.12000/- per month for a 2 BHK apartment. My fried agreed to pay Rs.8000/-. We found the owner got a tenant who agreed to pay Rs.12000/-. The new tenant didn’t even try to know the old rent.

In Bangalore the house rent is very high. When people relocate from Bangalore they feel the house rent in Hyderabad is still cheaper. But probably they can negotiate a bit.

Hyderabad is safe even in late night. The only issue is that the city burns in summer (February to June). We love to live here peacefully but several issues are there like high house rent, traffic jam, power cut, water problem, weather etc. Govt. is trying their best to cope with some these problems. They are trying to widening the road and building flyovers. You can find flyovers are coming up in somajiguda and punjagudda area and because of this it takes hour to cross the punjagudda crossing even at 10pm. Now it’s really tough to drive in the city road though in outskirts areas traffic is lees.

In Begumpet area I can find power cut almost every day. We don’t expect this in a city where we pay house rent as high as Rs.10/- to Rs.15/- per SFT and Rs.3000/- to Rs.5000/- per SFT to buy a new apartment. Even after paying that much we don’t get 24 hours water in almost all apartments. Also some apartments collect extra maintenance charge in summer to buy water tanker. Generally they ask for Rs.800/- to Rs1200/- extra for water tankers.

Though there are many issues but still I love to live in Hyderabad.

Disclaimer: In this blog I would be publishing my thought. Please post comment in case you have any issue with the information published here.